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Goyhenetche Reunion Brings Together 130 Family Members

August 6, 2009

By Nancy Zubiri It was a family affair. Cousins Gracian Goyhenetche and Bob Ithurralde managed to bring together 130 members of their family during the big Basque NABO festival in Reno, Nevada in July. As different family members a...

Mattin Noblia, Basque on “Top Chef” Show

July 21, 2009

By Nancy Zubiri Mattin Noblia opened his San Francisco restaurant Iluna Basque in 2003. Just 23, he was believed to be the youngest restaurant owner in the City, according to a local newspaper report. The ambitious youn...

Weeklong Youth Pilota Camp Cancelled

May 25, 2009

A weeklong pilota camp for young handball players referred to as Ikaspilota scheduled for June 15 to 20 in San Francisco has been cancelled. The camp was going to be held at the handball court of the San Francisco Basque Cultural Ce...

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