100 Top Basque Videos on Youtube


When I first started posting Euskal Kazeta’s Video of the Week, located on the right-hand column of our home page, about three years ago, I had to view many videos every week before I found one I thought worthy of being posted on our site. I wanted videos that kept people entertained, were fairly well done and relayed some significant aspect of the Basque culture. Most of the videos I found were homemade and not of very good quality. Most included a lot of shaking, bad sound or boring talking heads.

As time passed, I began switching the video twice a week. Today, I will visit Youtube and at any one time, I’ll find two or three videos that are fantastic and that I’d like to post. I like to give our visitors three or four days to spot our video and watch it, but I could probably switch the video every other day. The change is partially due to the growth of the Youtube website, and the rest is due to the world’s discovery and interest in the Basque culture, going back to Orson Wells’ video of the Basques, produced in 1955.

On June 25, 2012, Euskal Kazeta hit the 100-mark on its “favorited” videos on its Youtube page.  Today, we bring you this list of favorite videos again.Want to get cozy on the couch and watch some Basque videos? Go to our list of “favorites.” The list includes Basque music, dancing, funny skits, travel videos and documentaries about the Basque Country.

Click one of these links to go to our Youtube page and enjoy the videos we’ve selected. Come back whenever you want to relax and learn about Basque culture.

A popular song “Rosas” by the Basque group Oreja de Van Gogh from San Sebastian.

One of our featured videos: Boise’s own Amuma Says No singing “Maite Zaitut” in our nation’s capitol.