A New York Times writer in love with Irouleguy wines

New York Times wine critic Eric Asimov relates in his latest article that he has been crazy about the wines from the Basque wine-making region of Irouleguy (Irulegi in Basque) for five years. In his column “The Pour,” he describes his Basque Country experiences related to his current wine obsession.

Azimov first tasted an Irouleguy wine  in Bordeaux, when it was introduced to him as a “palate cleanser,” and he decided it was anything but. His experience led him to travel to Irulegi, in the French Basque Country (Iparralde) to seek out other local Irouleguy wines. The town of Irulegi is midway between the larger towns of Baigorri and Donibane-Garazi. While in Baigorri, the writer  remarks on  local pilota playing, which differentiates Basque towns from the rest of France. And the wines from nearby Irulegi are different too.

The Irouleguy appellation is very small, which Azimov learns as he seeks out more of these distinct wines. In his article, he discusses the
wineries Domaine Ilarria, Maison Arretxea and Domaine Brana and refers to several specific wines such as Bixintxo and Herri Mina.

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