Basque singer Benito Lertxundi


Benito Lertxundi, born in Orio, Gipuzkoa in 1942, is one of the most beloved Basque singers. He was a key figure in helping to revive Basque music beginning in the 1960s and produced many albums. He continues to sing in concert.

According to the biography on his website,, Lertxundi wasn’t particularly attracted to music when he was young and happened to start playing the lute by happenstance when he was 19. He progressed to the guitar and started creating Basque versions of his favorite songs. His road to fame began when he entered a singing contest in Donostia.

One of his most recent songs

This video has Lertxundi’s song Nere herriko neskatxa maite, accompanied by subtitles for you to sing along.

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