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Benji Arduain, owner of Benji's Restaurant
Benji Arduain, owner of Benji’s Restaurant

Benji’s Restaurant
4001 Rosedale Hwy (at Gibson)
Bakersfield, California 93308
(661) 328-0400

Chalet Basque
200 Oak St. (near Stockdale Hwy)
Bakersfield, Calif. 93304
(661) 327-2915

Noriega’s – New!
4809 Stockdale Hwy.
Bakersfield, Calif. 93309
(661) 885-8515

Pyrenees Café
601 Sumner St. (at Kern)
Bakersfield, Calif. 93305
(661) 323-0053

Wool Growers Restaurant
620 East 19th St. (near Baker)
Bakersfield, Calif. 93305
(661) 327-9584

Smithsonian Magazine’s take on Basque food in Bakersfield


Wool Growers Restaurant
609 H St. (at 6th St.)
Los Banos, California 93635


Santa Fe Basque
3110 No. Maroa Ave.
Fresno, California 93704
(559) 266-7499

Shepherd’s Inn
935 Santa Fe Ave.
Fresno, California 93721
(559) 266-2228


Basq Kitchen
136 N. International Boardwalk
Redondo Beach, California 90277
(310) 376-9215

Snow behind Centro Basco in Chino, Calif.

Centro Basco
13432 Central Ave.
Chino, California 91710

(909) 628-9014
The only place to get traditional family-style Basque meals in the entire Los Angeles region

Etchea Cafe, Bakery and Catering

254 South Hope Street
Los Angeles, California 90012
(213) 626-0157

Glendora Continental Restaurant
316 W. Route 66 (West Alosta Ave.)
Glendora, California 91740
(626) 914-1834

Taylor’s Café
7049 Chino Ave.
Chino, California 91710
(909) 628-3506


Basque Etchea
8575 S Avenue 40 E
Tacna, Arizona 95352
(928) 785-4027


Chiki Jai

Avenida Revolucion Zona Centro 1388
Tijuana, Mexico
(52)(664) 685-4955

More Basque Restaurants in the U.S.

CLOSURES since 2010
Matxain Etxea closed in 2020
Read: Noriega’s Hotel in Bakersfield closed in 2020
Ración in Pasadena closed in 2019.
Bar Pintxos in Santa Monica closed in 2017.
Basque Hotel in Fresno closed.
Read about Jean’s Restaurant in Colton closed in 2012.
Read: Chalet Basque in La Puente, closed in 2010.

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Basque restaurants in Bakersfield, Los Angeles area and other Southern California locations