Google Translate Includes the Basque Language


Euskal Kazeta

Many people are working on learning Basque

Google Translate has included translation of the Basque language since 2010. In the first years, Google Translate’s abilities to translate from Basque to other languages was not very accurate.

In 2016, however, Google completely changed the method it used for translations of all languages to one that looks at the meaning of entire sentences rather than individual words. Since that time, translations of many languages, including Basque, have improved significantly.

Click on the following link to access the Google translation site. You must choose the two languages you wish to translate between.

Google Translate is extremely helpful for people who are learning the Basque language, which is called Euskara in the Basque language. Some useful features include the ability to click the arrows between the two translation boxes to swap languages — for example, to switch from an English to Basque translation to Basque to English, regardless of whether you already typed words in one of the boxes.

On your computer desktop, Google Translate can be used to translate words and sentences that you type in, but can also translate documents and web pages. Just click the icons that say “text,” “documents” or “websites.” Several browsers allow you to add on Google Translate. Once you add this feature, you simply have to click the translator icon in your toolbar to translate a document or webpage.

Google Translate App
The Google Translate app, which you can use on a mobile phone or iPad is even more helpful, because it has a camera that can be pointed at text and a rough translation will be provided. You can also use the “conversation” feature, which will translate conversations being spoken out loud. Go to the App Store or Google Play to get the app.


Resources for Learning the Basque Language.

Learning Basque at an Immersion School in the Basque Country

Known as Euskara, the Basque language is the most distinguishing ethnic marker of the Basque people. Euskera is markedly different from the Romance languages spoken by the other European nations that surround the Basque Country, which straddles France and Spain.

To this day, the exact origins of Euskara are unknown.

Efforts to promote the Basque language and keep it alive via classes have been made in Basque communities around the world, particularly in the United States and Argentina, where many options for classes are offered. See this post for links to online classes.