Language 4 – Games to learn Euskera


Memory matching game helps you learn vocabulary in Euskera.

Games are the funnest way to learn a language

The card game mus incorporates several Basque words and is extremely enjoyable at the same time. The typical game includes two or four people.
For instructions on how to play mus, click here.

Interactive games
Euskal Kazeta previously wrote about interactive games online

The internet includes lots of flashcards for Euskera
Go to for flashcards, and do a search for “Basque” and “Euskera”

Go to for more flashcards, and search for “Basque” or “Euskera.” This website includes many more sets. They are all created by individuals and include different topics.

Memory Game

I have a matching memory game that I bought at a Jaialdi festival in Boise many years ago, Bikoteen Jokoa. I pulled it out recently and played a few games. It says for 3 – 7 year olds. It was perfect for me. You can play alone or with a partner. The cards have pictures on them, one with the English word, the other in Basque. In fact, I even heard and used two of the words I learned from the game just last week at Udaleku:
loreak – flowers
irratia – radio

My vocabulary is increasing slowly. Most of the words I’ve learned so far are nouns, but I saw some verbs among the Quizlet flashcards and I know I need to tackle those soon.

I will be looking for more games to learn Euskera and adding them as I find them.

Author Nancy Zubiri
Author Nancy Zubiri

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