Basque Musical Odyssey through the Mountains


Aiaraldea Gaur

One of the Urmuga concerts

A unique open-air concert series is taking place in the Basque Country that is not affected by coronavirus restrictions and provides a delightful experience for robust concert-goers. The concerts, called “Urmuga: Mendiak eta Musika,” are being presented on mountaintops that cross the Pyrenees Mountains from east to west along the watershed (urmuga) that separates the waters that flow to the Bay of Biscay and those that flow to the Ebro River and out to the Mediterranean Sea.

The concerts are presented by the group Et Incarnatus Orkesta and also include well-known musicians such as Mikel Urdangarin, Txomin Artola, Niko Etxart and EƱaut Elorrieta. Each concert requires several hours of hiking by musicians and organizers, which include stops in local villages. Hikers are welcome to join the group, which is being accompanied by professional mountain guides.

The musical group Et Incarnatus Orkesta sponsors festivals regularly, but this year, because indoor concerts are banned due to the coronavirus, organizers decided to join music with nature. They are being held in natural parks and open-air settings.

The first ones took place July 14, 19 and 20 and six more are scheduled for July 21, 22, 26, 28, 30 and Aug. 1. Villagers in the areas of the concerts have attended along with participants who are accompanying the musicians in their journey. The musicians and organizers are staying in lodging in local towns.
A documentary is being made of the concert series.

July 21 Aralar (Lareoko Urtegia) Gipuzkoa
Donostiako Orfeioak, Eneko Dorronsoro Trikitia
July 22 Aralar (Aizpearro)
Donostiako Orfeoia, Txomin Artola Leire, Kristina eta Leturia, etc.
July 26 Baigorri (Etxauzia) Baxe Nafarroa
Donostiako Orfeoia, Niko Etxart, Xendarineko Ahizpak, Mikel Urdangarin, etc.
July 28 Okabe
Euskal Barrokensemble
July 30 Erremendia
Donostiako Orfeoia eta musikariak
Aug. 1 Hiru Erragean Mahaia (Mesa de los Tres Reyes)

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The lakeside setting of a Urmuga concert.