Jaialdi 2020 is Postponed: Basque Cultural Fiesta to be held in 2021


Jon C. Hodgson

Basque Country athletes compete in sporting events rooted in farm work. Jaialdi 2015

Jaialdi, the mega-Basque festival celebrated every five years in Boise, Idaho, was supposed to take place in July 28 to Aug. 2, 2020. On April 6, the festival organizers announced the postponement of the event to July 2021.

The rest of this article was originally posted Feb. 6, 2020 on the 2020 celebration. Very likely the event details will remain the same for 2021.

Tens of thousands of festival-goers are expected to descend on Boise for the Jaialdi 2020 celebration.

The epicenter of Jaialdi 2020 will be the historic downtown Basque Block, but festival events will be held at venues across Boise. Dancers, athletes, musicians and others from Euskal Herria and the U.S. will be featured at performances and exhibitions that celebrate all aspects of the unique Basque culture at Expo Idaho, the Morrison Center, CenturyLink Arena and St. Mark’s Church.

And, of course, you can always grab a Kalimotxo and pintxos or a plate of paella while catching up with friends at restaurants and bars along the Basque Block, where strolling musicians, musical groups and others will perform throughout the week starting Tuesday evening, July 28.


Athletes compete at Jaialdi 2015 Sports Night

Jaialdi volunteers, Prof. Bill Douglass honored by Basque government

The Euskal Kazeta team has been to every Jaialdi since the festival began in 1987. Our advice is that you book your hotel room early and purchase event tickets soon before they run out.

Here’s everything you need to know about festival hotels and the events that require tickets at Jaialdi 2020:


Festival organizers have arranged for special rates at Boise hotels. Find Jaialdi 2020 hotels.

Event Tickets

Sports Night will be held Thursday, July 30, at 7 p.m. at the downtown CenturyLink Arena and feature athletes from Euskal Herria competing in weight lifting, wood chopping, bale throwing and other traditional farm sports. Buy Sports Night tickets.

Festara will be held Friday, July 31, at 7 p.m. at the Morrison Center and will celebrate music and dance, featuring performers from Euskal Herria and the renowned Oinkari dancers from Boise. Buy Festara tickets.

Basque-ing at Expo Idaho will be held Saturday, Aug. 1, and Sunday, Aug. 2. These day-long blockbusters will feature dance performances, vendors, and food and drink, as well as a popular display of classic sheepherder wagons. Buy Basque-ing at Expo Idaho tickets.

Dantzaldi will be held Saturday, Aug. 1, at 8 p.m. at CenturyLink Arena and will feature live music for dancing. Buy Dantzaldi tickets.

The annual Basque festival in Boise, known as San Inazio, is replaced by Jaialdi whenever Jaialdi occurs. However, Jaialdi is held at the same time as San Inazio, which coincides with the July 31 Feast Day of the Basque Saint Ignatius. Some of the events at Jaialdi are also the same, just on a grander scale, such as the feasting on the Basque Block and the 6 p.m. Saturday mass at St. Mark’s Church with a traditional liturgical dance performed by local Basque dancers.

Basques immigrated to Idaho mostly from a corner of the province of Bizkaia (Vizcaya) in the Spanish side of the Basque Country, known as Hegoalde. Most of them came in the early 1900s for sheepherding and then settled in the region permanently.

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