Welcome to Euskal Kazeta

Welcome to Euskal Kazeta, a new website about Basques around the world, with an emphasis on the United States. The website first went live on June 14, 2009. You can expect much more news, photos and profiles on Basque personalities in the months to come. Euskal Kazeta will be presenting its own videos on new and timely topics. You will also find history, recipes, and a calendar of events on our site.

Pierre Igoa of Bakersfield is our webmaster. As the former webmaster for the Kern County Basque Club and a great musician, Pierre has been collecting photos, information and music for years, and you will gradually see all of this content here.

I am the author of Travel Guide to Basque America, a history and travel book on the Basque communities in the United States. This book was first published by University of Nevada Press in 1998 as part of the Basque Book Series, and reissued in a second edition in 2006. The book was the inspiration for Euskal Kazeta. While conducting research for my book and traveling around the Western States, I saw many ideas for articles about the Basque community. I needed an outlet for all these ideas and thus Euskal Kazeta was born

We want Euskal Kazeta to be an open forum for the community. If you have an article, photo or idea for the website, feel free to contact us, preferably via e-mail. Also, give us your thoughts on our website. We would love to hear from you.

Nancy Zubiri, Editor