Bakersfield Basque Festival Tops the List in California

Nancy Zubiri


The Basque flag waves proudly at the 2011 Bakersfield festival. Photo: Euskal Kazeta.


Boise’s Jaialdi may be at the top of the list of the Basque festivals in the U.S., but that amazing party only happens once every five years (coming up next year in 2015). But in California, Bakersfield’s festival, at the Kern County Basque Club‘s large clubhouse , with its tree-lined picnic area and well-preserved handball court, is perhaps the best.

The party, held this past Memorial Day weekend, highlights the best of the Basque culture, including a mus tournament, handball players and musicians from the Basque Country, great lamb on the barbecue,¬†folk dancing performances by dozens of youngsters, and an evening dance for all with great music. Basque-Americans from all over come to this big Basque party, which means you’ll find lots of friends.

Check out the video of the fun in Bakersfield from 2013.

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