Google Adds Euskera to Google Drive

Google has added support for the Basque language of Euskera and 17 other languages to its popular Google drive web app suite.

To change languages, users have to click on the gear drive icon on the upper right-hand corner and then click on “settings.” Then select the language tab and pull down to Euskera.

The app houses Google Docs and allows users to share documents and access them from any computer, mobile device or tablet.

 Two years ago, Google added Euskera to its transition site.

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The Debate Behind the Creation of a United Euskera

Euskera is the most distinguishing ethnic characteristic of the Basque people and is the bond that glues Basques together. Euskera is largely different from the Romance languages spoken by the European people who surround the Basque Country. To this day, its origins are a mystery.

Efforts to promote the Basque language and keep it alive have been made in Basque communities in the United States.

North American Basque Organizations, or NABO, which represents Basque clubs in the U.S., has worked with the Basque government to support the language and offer classes. Click on the following link to access the NABO Basque languageweb page.


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