Southern California Basque Club Picnic 2014

Chino’s Gauden Bat Dancers

Photographer Linda Iriart captures the best moments of the 2014 Southern California Basque festival at the Chino Fairgrounds on Sunday, July 6. It was the 68th annual picnic of the Southern California Basque Club. The club’s barbecued steak lunch and barbecued lamb dinner are popular among picnic-goers.

The club was started in 1946 by Father Charles Espelette, who was serving at the old Mt. Carmel Church in Montebello, and is perhaps the oldest Basque club in California. The club’s original name was the Southern California Eskualdun Club and their picnics were held for many years at the La Puente Handball Club.

The winners of the club’s 2nd annual mus tournament
1st Miguel Osaba & J B Durritzague
2nd Maite Petrissans & Veronique Biscaichipy
3rd Michel Plaa & Manolo Pichardo
4th Albert Garispe & Antoine Garispe

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