Basque Song: Konplize Ditut Eta

Women are my accomplices…and I love them all.


Aire Ahispak sings with Mikel Markez

Ander Egiluz Beramendi, Reporter

Musician Mikel Markez and the women’s group Aire Ahizpekin sing this beautiful song “Konplize ditut eta.” Markez wrote the music and the lyrics were written by the well known bertsolari and writer from Gipuzkoa, Uxue Alberdi.

In the song, the singer pays tribute to women: “they all are my accomplices, they all are my partners in crime… and I love them all” (konplize ditut eta).

The song describes the many types of women that exist: among others, it mentions hard working women, lazy women, single women, women who smell like their children’s food, nuns, vixens, left-wingers, conservatives, black women, blondes, etc. and the singer loves all of them.

Aire Ahizpak is a trio of singers from the town of Urepel, Baxe Nafarroa. The women are sisters, and they are the granddaughters of the well-known bertsolari from Urepel, “Xalbador” (Fernando Aire). He was very famous in life, but when he died, poet and musician Xabier Lete wrote perhaps the most famous Basque song of the last 50 years: “Xalbadorren Heriotzean.”

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Andre Maddalen

Xalbadorren Heriotzean

Lau Teilatu

Gabi de la Maza’s “sing along” video of the song Konplizu Ditut Eta