Basque Song: Lau Teilatu

Singers Amaia Montero and Mikel Erentxun sing

Singers Amaia Montero and Mikel Erentxun sing "Lau Teilatu."

Lau Teilatu (Four Rooftops) is a very popular song in the Basque Country, even 40 years after it was first released. In this video it is sung by Amaia Montero, the lead singer for many years of the Donosti group La Oreja de Van Gogh, and Venezuelan Basque singer Mikel Erentxun.

The romantic song was written and released by the group Itoiz in 1978. The group’s members were from the towns of Mutriku and Ondarroa, in Gipuzkoa. They played together for about 10 years, from 1978 to 1988. Since they published the song, many singers and groups have recorded their own versions. In the 2000s, it was voted by the public as the best Basque song of all time.

For those who want to learn to play the song on the guitar, this video is a good lesson in Spanish, which can also be followed by non-Spanish speakers.

This video is the original version sung by Itoiz. Youtuber Gabi de la Maza’s version includes the words, if you want to sing along.

Four roofs (Lau teilatu)

Hemen gaude
Ta poztutzen naiz
Ta ziur zure aita ere bai;
Ta zer ondo… zelan dijua
Zure bufanda txuria.

Lau teilatu gainian
Ilargia erdian, eta zu
Goruntz begira,
Zure keia eskuetan
Putzada batekin… putz!
Neregana etorriko da
A berriz izango gara
Edozein herriko jaixetan.

Goxo goxo kanta egin nazu
Benitoren marea solt (o mariasun *).
Negarrik ez,
Txuri zaude ta malkoak
Zure kolorea kentzen dute.

Lau teilatu gainian…

Felix, felix bihar
Berriz egongo gara
Txanpain apur batekin;
Diru gabe baina
Izarrak gurekin daude,
Piano baten soinuaz.

Lau teilatu gainian…

Here we are
and I’m glad about that
and I’m sure that your father is too
It is wonderful…
how is your white scarf

Over four roofs
the moon in the middle
and you…
looking up
with a gesture with your hands

will come towards me
with a sigh
And we will be happy again
in the festivals of some village

Sing to me, sweetly
Benito’s song “Maria Solt”
Don’t cry
your face is pale and the tears
take your color away

Over four roofs…

With joy, tomorrow
we’ll be back again
with a little bit of champagne
we’ll have no money, but
the stars are with us
along with the music of a piano


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The song makes a reference to traditional singer Benito Lertxundi’s song “Maria Solt.” Here is Benito singing that song.