Berri Txarrak Previews New Album at Listening Party

Galder Izagirre, Gorka Urbizu and David Gonzalez of Berri Txarrak in Venice
Galder Izagirre, Gorka Urbizu and David Gonzalez of Berri Txarrak in Venice

Berri Txarrak, the popular rock group from the Basque Country, held a listening party at the Venice Beach home of well-known music producer Ross Robinson, where the group has been recording its soon-to-be-released seventh album.

Robinson, who earned fame producing music for alternative rock groups such as Korn and Limp Bizkit, is completing the final mixes on the group’s songs, which are all in Euskera. The album, to be named Haria – “Thread” in English – will go on sale Nov. 21 under the label of Kaiowas Records of Barcelona, Spain.

“I think it will be something cool for people to own,” Robinson told Euskal Kazeta as guests mingled at the party and enjoyed drinks and Basque pintxos cooked up by Berri Txarrak drummer Galder Izagirre.

Traditional pintxos and wine at Berri Txarrak's listening party in Venice.
Traditional pintxos and wine at Berri Txarrak\’s listening party in Venice.

In addition to the group’s Basque fans, the new album, Robinson said, will also appeal to listeners like him who don’t speak Euskera. “You can enjoy the music and the passion and the vocals and turn it into your own story.”.

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The group has been living at Robinson’s oceanfront home near the Venice Pier for the past six weeks while they recorded in the producer’s small personal studio. Working with Robinson was a longtime dream for the alternative rock group, says the group’s singer and songwriter Gorka Urbizu.

The name for the album – Haria — came to the Basque rockers as their work was coming to an end.

“It’s about the fragility of things,” said Urbizu. “Sometimes you find your path by following a thread.”

The group, which has a huge following in the Basque Country, hails from the small town of Lekunberri in the province of Nafarroa. Although their last two albums were partially produced in the U.S., this was the group’s first time living and working here.

Selling their music to the American public is challenging because of all the competition, a situation made more difficult because they sing in Basque. However, with manager Pau Vargas, they are constantly working to make inroads, which they believe will ultimately pay off. “We will succeed,” insists Vargas. Some of their music is available on Amazon, Itunes and Spotify.

For now, they are planning their return trip to the Basque Country.

Urbizu writes on his blog of the record-making experience:

“We have to create the ultimate expression of the most difficult moments as well as the most beautiful, without forgetting that the final result, that theme that will be unique and unchanging, should be a united harmony and not the sum of many different emotional states.”

Hay que sacar la máxima expresión tanto de los momentos más duros como de los más bellos, sin olvidar que el resultado final, ese tema que será único e intransferible, suene como una sola unidad sonora y no como la suma de varios estados de emoción.

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Berri Txarrak's listening party in Venice.
Berri Txarrak\’s listening party in Venice.
Berri Txarrak
Berri Txarrak
Berri Txarrak's Venice pad.
Berri Txarrak’s Venice pad.