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Translating Bernardo Atxaga

December 7, 2009

She didn't know it at the time, but when Nere Lete visited acclaimed Basque author Bernardo Atxaga, it would ultimately lead her to Idaho, where she's now a professor at Boise State University. On that day 18 years ago, Lete pi...

Pete Cenarrusa Donates Papers to Boise State University

November 20, 2009

Former Idaho Secretary of State Pete Cenarrusa has gifted his extensive collection of papers to Boise State University's Albertsons Library. Cenarrusa, a leading figure in the Basque community in the United States, was secreta...

Jaialdi 2010 sports, cultural events already scheduled (Updated 11-18-09)

November 16, 2009

This is one in a series of Euskal Kazeta reports leading up to Jaialdi 2010. View Jaialdi 2010 in a larger map Click on the blue "Jaialdi 2010" link above to view locations of Jaialdi 2010 venues and hotels. Click on hotel icons for information about Jaialdi group rates and links to hotel web pages. Visitors to next summer's Jaialdi 2010 Basque Festival will be able to enjoy a host of events at sites across Boise i...

Jaialdi 2010 Organizers Seek Event Sponsors

November 13, 2009

This is one in a series of Euskal Kazeta reports leading up to Jaialdi 2010. Organizers of Jaialdi 2010 are looking for sponsors for several marquee events to be held this summer at the international Basque festival. The ...

Oinkari Dancers Plan Reunion at Jaialdi 2010 (Updated 6-28-10)

October 21, 2009

The venerable Oinkari Basque Dancers are hoping to re-unite current and former members for a special performance Read More »...

Boise Basque Museum Seeks Artifacts for Ellis Island Exhibit

September 30, 2009

The unique and colorful history of the Basque people will soon be showcased during a high-profile exhibit at Ellis Island in New York City. Read More »...

Jaialdi 2010 Countdown

September 13, 2009

This is one in a series of Euskal Kazeta reports leading up to the huge Jaialdi 2010 International Basque Festival. Here are links to other Jaialdi reports: Pelota Takes Center Stage at Jaialdi Oinkari Dancers Plan Jaialdi Reu...

“Amuma Says No” Highlights San Inazio Dance Parties

July 31, 2009

Hometown band “Amuma Says No” will be rocking Boise’s Basque Block tomorrow night and Sunday during two street dances at the popular San Inazio Festival. Amuma Says No is known for its catchy mix of traditional and modern B...

San Inazio Festival in Boise

July 29, 2009

The Oinkari Dancers will be celebrating their 50th anniversary during this year's San Inazio festival July 30 - Aug. 1. In addition, the Boise Fronton will be in heavy use all weekend, as men's Paleta Goma, women's Baleen an...

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