Online Exhibit of the Basque Culture

Basque dancing, bertsolaris and Basque art and theater are all subjects of videos presented in an online presentation by the website Euskal Munduak (Basque World).

The website’s exhibit, Batekmila Basque Worlds, is a contemporary and multilingual view of the world of the Basques.

The online exhibit includes photos, music, videos, recordings of normal everyday sounds, to showcase the Basque culture. it is presented in five languages: Euskera, French, Spanish, English and Catalan. Some of the videos are translated into the different languages.

It also includes videos that profile some personalities like the “iron poet,” sculptor Eduardo Chillida and bertsolari Jon Maia.

Delfina Krakau of Boise, Idaho is interviewed in English about her Basque-American background, and Professor Lisa Corcostegui of Reno, Nevada speaks in Euskera about her Basqueness in the section on The Basque Archipelago.

The video on bridges in the Basque Country “Zubi, in the section “From one bridge to another,” is fascinating. Retired professor Emilia Doyaga of New York is interviewed here. The only negative aspect of the exhibit is that you can’t easily click from one photo to another.

Basque Worlds Exhibit