‘Tis The Season for Txakoli

First there was the Txakoli Fest in North Carolina earlier this summer, where eight types of the venerable wine from the Basque Country were featured.

Txakoli is a great summer wine from the Basque Country
Txakoli is a great summer wine from the Basque County

Then last week, the San Francisco Chronicle praised the savory taste of Txakoli, calling it a great summer drink. The newspaper compared the wine to a movie star walking down the red carpet amid a sea of paparazzi, their cameras snapping away. Txakoli, the newspaper declared, “flirts with flame.”

That raving review was followed this week by another equally positive report in the Los Angeles Times, the largest news organization in the West. The Times Food Section picked a 2008 Gurrutxaga Txakoli as its “Wine of the Week.”

The review in The Times listed where Txakoli could be purchased in the Los Angeles area. For those outside of L.A., there are websites such as Snooth that allow you to buy the wine online.

Txakoli, a slightly sparkling wine, is often grown in the fertile Atlantic areas of the Basque Country.

Of course, for many Basques, Txakoli has always been a popular, well-known wine. Some have even served it at weddings instead of champagne. But now, it appears the rest of the world is finally catching on too.