Basque High School Students Seek Host Families in Seattle Area

Two high school students from the Basque Country are looking for volunteer host families in the Seattle area, where they will stay for four weeks each beginning in late June.

The students are visiting the United States under a program sponsored by Compass USA. The organization helps youths from other countries visit the U.S. to promote cultural understanding and global awareness.

Here are the details on the two students:

Ane is 16 and arrives June 19 and will depart departing July. Ane’s favorite subject in school is English, and she has studied it since she was only four. She also enjoys chemistry and physics. Ane has been to Malta and England, and is excited about visiting the US.

Gelsy is 16 and arrives June 24 and departs July 23. Gelsy stayed with a family in Lynnwood, California, last year. But they are not able to host her again this year. Gelsy says she is very helpful and she is excited to meet her hots family and to practice her English.

Anyone interested in hosting the Gelsy or Ane, can call Shelby Davison of Compass USA at 303-466-4707 or contact him via email at For more information on the organization, visit the Compass USA website.