Learn Basque Online, at Basque centers and colleges

Many options exist to learn the Basque language in the United States

The Basque language, referred to as Euskera in Basque, has survived centuries, despite its current classification as a endangered language. The language is a significant identifying marker of the unique Basque culture and scientists have not been able to identify any definitive connections between Basque and any other languages.

Interest in the language has led to many options to learn Basque online. In addition, efforts have been made in recent years to train instructors in the U.S., to make classes available in several Basque communities. Read more to find out about the many options for learning Euskera.

Here is a list of the Euskera classes currently offered in North America as of June 2012. Keep in mind that a few of the instructors are taking a summer break and will start classes again in August or September. Contact them by e-mail for further information.

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Click on the Amazon links to see the two volumes
of an excellent Basque language textbook
from University of Nevada Press.

South San Francisco
Thursdays, 7:30 p.m.
Aitor Inarra (aitorsmooth@gmail.com)
Basque Cultural Center
599 Railroad Ave.

Elko, Nevada
Beginner and Advanced beginner levels
Thursday 1 p.m. & 5:30 p.m.
Anita Anacabe (ataf@frontiernet.net)
Classes offered through Great Basin College

Boise, Idaho

Intermediate and advanced levels
Monday, 6 p.m. & 7:30 p.m. Izaskun Kortazar (izaskunkortazar@gmail.com)
Tuesday, 6 p.m. Mara Davis (maramom@gmail.com)
Thursday 7:30 p.m Itxaso Cayero (nichelle03@hotmail.com)
Basque Museum and Cultural Center
611 W. Grove St.

Mountain Home, Idaho
Thursday 3:30 p.m.
Goisalde Jausoro (jausoro@msn.com)
183 N. 2nd West

Homedale, Idaho
Wednesday, 6:30 p.m.
Gloria Lejardi (lejardi@frontiernet.net)
Txoko Ona Basque Center
303 S. Main St.

Denver, Colorado
Friday 7 p.m.
Ibon Izurieta (izuriet@mscd.edu)

Washington D.C.
Thursday, 6 p.m.
Igan Erostarbe (ierostarbe@gmail.com)

New York City
Beginner and advanced beginner levels
Sunday, 2 p.m. Imanol Botxo (ibotxo@gmail.com)
Sunday 2 p.m. Aitzol Azurtza (aitzol@aol.com)
New York Basque Club
307 Eckford St., Brooklyn

Rhode Island
Sunday 1-3 p.m.
Gorka Ochoa (gochoa@progenika.us)
Portsmouth Library
2658 East Main Road.

Montreal, Canada
Wednesday, 6:30 p.m. Haritz Etxeberria (Haritzetxe@hotmail.com)
Wednesday, 6:30 p.m. Maite Urzaa (maite_urzaa@hotmail.com)
429 Viger Est Bureau 02

Learning online
If you are interested in learning Basque online, contact the U.S. Euskera coordinator Izaskun Kortazar at izaskunkortazar@gmail.com

The North American Basque Organizations has a blog discussing events related to Euskera.


A one-page “cheat sheet” for Euskera.

Some quick essential phrases in Euskera.

Some history of the language and other info, from the NABO website.


An exhaustive list of links to information online about Euskera (NABO).

Information from NABO on online options for learning Euskera.

Ontario Basque Club language page

Online Classes
The University of Nevada Reno has an online class of Basque 101 and 102. The classes are open enrollment, which means you can sign up anytime, and you have up to a year to finish the course.

Colleges that offer Basque studies

University of Nevada, Reno, Nev.

Boise State University

University of California, Santa Barbara

Great Basin College, Elko, Nev.

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