Favorite Basque Recipes


Rack of lamb lunch at the Basque Cultural Center.

Anyone who has visited the Basque Country, eaten at a Basque restaurant or attended a Basque festival can attest to the importance that Basques place on fine-cooked cuisine.

To help you enjoy Basque food, we’ve prepared the most exhaustive list of Basque recipes you’ll find on the web. We’ll also be regularly adding a video recipe to our popular collection of the best in Basque recipes. The first one is posted below.

As you’ll see, our list of recipes below is comprehensive. But with your help, we’d like to add more.

Click here to read our recommendations for the top Basque cookbooks in English.

Have a favorite recipe from your ama or amatxi? If so, let us know by posting it as a comment and we’ll include it with the rest of the recipes below: (New recipes are at the bottom of each category and are marked by the date they were added. We also have some great recipes submitted by our readers in the comments box at the bottom.)

Above: This video will show you how to whip up a tasty, healthy and popular Basque dish.

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Chef Gerald Hirigoyen’s Piperade recipe from his book, “Pintxos.”

EK’s Basque bean recipes

EK’s quick and easy paella

EK’s porrusalda and other Basque soups

Basque Vegetable Soup

Meat Recipes

Chocolate Souffle from Benji's in Bakersfield
Chocolate Souffle from Benji’s in Bakersfield must be ordered 30 minutes ahead

Basque Lamb Chops

Chicken and Chorizo Sauté 

Pimientos Rellenos (Stuffed Peppers) from the Smithsonian

Poultry Recipes

Basque Chicken

Basque Chicken Stew

Braised Basque Chicken

Cecile’s Basque Chicken and Rice

Chicken Thighs with Spicy Tomato-Pepper Sauce by Chef Gerald Hirigoyen

Chicken With Chorizo

Poulet Basquaise

Poulet Basquaise or French Basque Chicken

Quail with Pickled Shallots

Rice with Rabbit, New York Times

Spanish Basque Chicken

Spicy Basque Chicken

From Amazon: In “Pintxos,”
renowned chef Gerald Hirigoyen
provides many wonderful recipes
for the fingerfood dishes
the Basques are known for.

Fish Recipes

Basque Cod

Basque Country-Style Pasta With Shrimp

Basque Shrimp with Chimichurri

Basque-Style Baked Snapper

Basque-Style Baked Spider Crab

Basque-Style Tuna Belly 

Cod with Basque Wine Sauce

Cod with Peppers

Hake and Clams in Salsa Verde

Prawns a la Plancha with Garlic and Lemon Confit by Chef Gerald Hirigoyen

Prawn and Bacon Brochettes

Saveur’s Seafood Stew

Shrimp with Grapefruit-Vanilla Nage


Vegetarian Recipes

Basque beans – EK’s selection of the best Basque bean recipes– new!

Basque Eggs

Basque Potatoes

Basque Vegetable Rice

Eggs Piperade


Piperade from Chef Gerald Hirigoyen’s book, “Pintxos

Piperade with Duck Eggs 

Roasted Fingerlings with Piperade


Tortilla de Patata from the Udaleku 09 Basque Summer Camp

Dessert/Pastry/Bread Recipes

Gateau Basque – EK’s list of the best Gateau Basque recipes

Basque Apple Pie

Basque Rosquillas

Basque Shepherd Bread

Basque Sheepherder Bread, National Public Radio Article & Recipe

Crepes Basquaise

Crepes from the Udaleku 09 Basque Summer Camp

Flan (Basque Custard)

Amazon: Teresa Barrenechea,
former chef and owner of
Marichu’s in New York,
authored this gorgeous cookbook.

La Côte Basque’s Dacquoise Cake 

Mousse Au Chocolat Basque

Pastel Vasco with Blackberry Compote and Cream

Tarta de Almendras, or Almond Tart, with Sweet Basque Cream

Vanilla-Scented Beignets by Chef Gerald Hirigoyen

Isidore Camou cooks Basque garlic soup. Photo: Euskal Kazeta
Isidore Camou cooks garlic soup. Photo: Euskal Kazeta.

Soup, Stew Recipes

See our Basque soup recipes

Axoa de Veau (Veal Stew)

Basque Chicken Stew

Basque Chicken Stew

Basque Porrusalda

Basque Potato Soup

Basque Potato Leak Soup

Basque Potato Lentil Soup

Basque Red Bean Stew

Basque Sausage and Garbanzo Soup

Basque Seafood Soup

Basque Tuna Soup

Basque Vegetable Soup

Cauliflower Soup with Basque Chorizo and Spinach 

Chorizo and Lentil Soup

Fish Soup

Garbanzo Bean Soup

Amazon sells Piment d’Espelette

Lamb Stew

Marmitako (Basque Potato and Tuna Soup), submitted by Deena

Marmitako (Fresh Tuna and Potato Stew)

New York Times Tuna and Pepper Stew

Onion Soup, Basque Style

Oxtail Stew in Brown Gravy

Potage Luzienne, or Olive Soup from St.-Jean-de-Luz

Roasted Tomato Soup

Amazon: Chef Gerald Hirigoyen’s
tribute to Basque cooking

Sauce Recipes

Basque-Style Green Sauce

Basque Salad Dressing

Basque Salad Dressing with Red Wine Vinegar

Pintxos Recipes

Basque Baked Eggs

Basque Cod Croquettes

Chicken Wings with Spicy Basque Ketchup

Chopped Egg Salad with Caper Berries and Fresh Herbs by Chef Gerald Hirigoyen

Mini Potato Tortilla

Open-Faced Herb Omelet with Basque Chorizo, Seasonal Vegetables

Piperada Bocadillo – Egg and Pepper Sandwich

Piquillo Pepper Stuffed with Salt Cod Brandade

Potato Chorizo Patata

Potato Herb Tortilla

Smoked Fish and Fruit Pintxos

Stuffed Piquillo Peppers

Stuffed Squid with Chorizo

Salad Recipes

Basque Grilled Turkey & Romaine Salad

Basque Tomato Salad

Squid and Black-Eyed Pea Salad by Chef Gerald Hirigoyen


Basque Bellini

Basque Cider and Rye

Basque in the Sun


Picon Punch

Basque Cooking Videos